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Our Partners

BizDock is an open source solution which is available freely.
However, our local preferred partners can provide a number of services to adapt BizDock to your own processes, tools and hosting constraints.

Partner Services catalog

BizDock partners are providing the professional support requested by BizDock enterprise customers:

  • customizations and integrations to better support their own processes, tools and data analysis requirements;
  • training adapted to the enterprise context and business;
  • hosting services through custom SaaS offers.


With BizDock, any class of object can be extended and dynamically linked to another.

Custom report

Adapt the standard reports to your company guidelines or create “ad hoc” reports which match precisely your needs.

Custom extension

Customize BizDock menus, add you own screens or application integrations.

SSO integration

BizDock can be easily integrated to any SAMLv2 provider (ADFS, OpenAM, SiteMinder, etc.).
BizDock is also provided with a rich set of APIs which enable any type of integration patterns with third party IT systems or SaaS solutions.

Looking for a partner

As a customer, you want to benefit all the BizDock experience regardless the setup and configuration?
Solid Partners is exactly what you need!
They are able to provide you the expected support, including hosting and training.

Contat us to find a partner in your area

Becoming partner

You want to become a Partner?
Our official partners are entitled to received:

  • Some training regarding the customization (plugins, reports)
  • Some standard contractual material for hosted offers based on Docker
  • Some training or marketing material
Contact us to become a partner

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