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Features overview

Consistent, fluid and simple

  • Publish your roadmap, at one place and always up-to-date

    No more tedious slides tweaking. Capture the main dates of your initiatives and get your plans ready to be shared.

    Roadmap planning

    Have your decisions communicated

    All the important decisions about your initiatives centralised in one calendar.

    Milestone planning

    Optimise your portfolios

    As a portfolio manager, react quickly to ensure your portfolio stay on track and deliver its business promises.

    Portfolio dashboard

  • Visualise your project’s health

    Decide what an healthy project is via a set of KPI. Either directly from BizDock or from your own tools, gathered via BizDock Plugin Manager.

    Initiative dashboard

    Organise your deliverables

    Break down the work of your project. And enforce your internal project management methodology with a set of pre-configured deliverables available by domain.

    Planning packages

    Want to know the details ?

    Report the project’s status and track your risks & issues easily. Already PMI compliant, you can also adapt them to your internal methodology.


  • Model your corporate governance processes

    Define an unlimited number of governance life cycles with milestone review, approval, notification, voting strategies to support your decision process.

    Governance process

    Formalise your decision via VP’s votes

    For each milestone, you can decide who should participate to the vote. It will then be confirmed by your PMO to ratify the decision.

    Milestone approval

    Plan the corporate milestones of your initiative

    Build you plan even when your initiative is still a concept and make informed decisions about your upcoming initiatives.

    Initiative governance

  • Monitor your company’s budgets

    Whatever you are using department or domain envelop budgets, see which initiatives are consuming them.

    Budget Bucket

    Forecast your project costs and ensure you stay in line with the approved budget.

    Estimate the cost to complete of your initiative and once ready, engaged them to follow your spending (integration with Oracle Financial Management or SAP).

    Initiative financial details

    Get the reports you need

    A specific report for your Accounting department? A management report for next year budget discussion? Ask for a customised report in Excel, PDF or CSV format.


  • Allocate your resources to initiatives and follow your capacity

    Start by assigning teams to your project and as you move along into your planning, book the right resource.

    Initiative allocations

    Track where your teams are spending their effort

    Once an employee or a team is allocated to an intiative, each member can record their time again the assigned planning packages or simply again the intiative.


    Overlook your team members allocations

    As a manager, see quickly your team capacity and confirmed allocations to better anticipate upcoming commitments.

    Team allocation

  • Tailor BizDock to your needs... yourself!

    BizDock is fully customisable: you can configure all the master data reference, from initiative type to timesheet generic activities.


    Define your thresholds for BizDock built-in KPIs

    Green, amber, red... Whatever display rules you can imagine, it can be configured via BizDock KPI manager and its Javascript engine.

    KPI Manager

    Your reports... organised as You want

    Either your own customised reports or BizDock standard reports, define their category that suit best your company's way of working

    Report administration

  • Integrate your standard tools

    Jenkins, SVN , GIT, Nexus... Get them all integrated with BizDock or use your own. We can build on-demand integration with you home made tools if they are not part of the standard list of BizDock plugins.


    Integrate with our API

    Update and access much of your data in the system

    Integate with Sharepoint

    Directly attach your project documentation stored into Sharepoint 2013 with your BizDock initiatives.

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