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BizDock is an open source software associated with the GPLv2 license.
You may freely download, install and use it in your own environment.

Installing BizDock

BizDock can be installed very quickly using Docker on a Linux machine.
  • Check that Docker 1.10+ is installed on your machine
  • Download the shell installation script in a folder of your choice :
    $ curl -sL >
  • Ensure that the file can be executed:
    chmod u+x
  • Run the script
To get more details regarding the installation options, please connect to the BizDock command line documentation on GitHub.

Understanding BizDock

You can refer to the Bizdock HELP wiki of BizDock to get some information regarding:

  • How to use BizDock
  • How to confirgure BizDock
  • How to install BizDock
  • How to customize Bizdock
We are also looking for developers that would like to contribute to the project. Feel free to use the contact form and join the project.

Build BizDock

The code of the various BizDock modules is hosted on GitHub for those who might want to “build-it” from scratch.

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