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What is BizDock ?

What is BizDock ?

BizDock is an OpenSource software which aims at supporting PPM (Project and Portfolio Management) as well as IT management activities.
However, BizDock is not a PPM solution…

The BizDock philosophy

BizDock results from the experience of a group of IT managers which were confronted to the need to find a “simple” solution for communicating an enterprise roadmap according to various dimensions : timeline, workload, finance, etc.
They wanted to get rid of the “Excel Hell” : many excel files, sometimes published in sharepoints, often inconsistent and difficult to maintain.

They looked at the existing solutions and only found:

  • very complex and dramatically expensive solutions which are practically unusable in real-life
  • overly simple, not to say naive, solutions which only cover part of the requirements (project management tools)

BizDock implement the YAGNI principle. It does not aims at implementing every possible PPM feature (especially the ones which are actually never used) but provides:

  • A solid set of core features for capturing data related to project, portfolio, budget and roadmap
  • A strong and extensible data model
  • Some reporting and KPI computation features
  • Some simple extension points (plugins, APIs) to integrate third party systems

Futher more BizDock is “Open Source” !

What is NOT BizDock ?

BizDock is not:
  • A project management solution : we are offering a simple way to capture (and thus to report on) project data but BizDock is not a canonical project management tool. There are too many project management tools and so many people having different views about what they should be.
  • A capacity management solution : BizDock implements some capacity management features but according to what we think is a realistic way. At the scale of a development team other solutions can be used to manage the capacity (JIRA, Redmine, etc.). We do not believe in “enterprise scale” capacity management because of the required overhead to secure accurate figures. With BizDock we are proposing a simpler approach which properly balance the need for reporting and the amount of work required to provide the right level of data quality.

What is BizDock

The Best way to understand BizDock is to:

  • Look at the Tour section
  • Install it yourself
  • Find a partner that could support you with the product configuration and customization

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